Women are making more money than ever and bringing even more to the table. Women as I’ve come to accept, are super human. We work, we cook, we clean, we f*ck, we birth children, we stroke ego’s, we hit the gym and try to maintain a good hairstyle in between. We also brunch, balance the books, we “that’s my best friend” turn up, we pray, we explore side business opportunities and we battle the world of social media.

And with all of that, we struggle. Daily. We’re always asking ourselves if we are doing it right or doing enough. We always struggle with what ball we dropped or what person we let down.

It’s unreal at times.

Adulting. Life. It can be traumatic.

What’s even more surprising is that with all the over communicating that we do, we still don’t talk. We still edit details or thoughts or concerns, even when talking to our most trusted resources. We “protect” people from the truths of who we really are. We are tired, depleted, and exhausted. We are confused. We are often times sad, depressed, stressed and over it.

We are often met with other women who are doing it “better” or doing it “right.” Women who seemingly have it all together or all figured out.

We want to be her. Not even in the sense of, we’re jealous and want her life. No, we just want to get to where she is. We want to experience what it feels like to be where she is. We want some version of educated, successful career, doting husband, well-kept children in a nice house, with a nice car and a non-allergenic dog who can take care of himself when we travel.

But nothing is as simple as it seems. The grass may be greener on the other side because well, in some cases its turf and we didn’t dig deep enough to notice it. Or in fact, the grass is greener but we’ve matured enough to know that green grass takes work. Periodt.

This is our contribution to the journey. This is the story of five different women who have removed the make-up and the filters, to shed light on the incredibly challenging journey of being an adult woman. We are unapologetic in our truth.

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